The Upside


Have you ever been in a slump? I feel like I always think about baseball when anyone talks about being in a slump. But have you ever just been in a life slump? Unsure where to go from wherever it is you’re stuck? I’m a mom, I have two small kids and most of life revolves around them, as they both are too little to be able to do much for themselves. I love being a mom. I totally do. I think my kids are the absolute coolest little humans ever, but being a SAHM mom with small kids can completely wipe you out, mentally, physically and emotionally. Does anyone feel the same? Just me?…. See, my life revolves around the kids schedules, nap times, feedings, playdates, activities and sooo many conversations about Paw Patrol… So many… I swear I sing the Paw Patrol song in my sleep…. Seriously though I’m not trying to complain (too much), our life is awesome and keeps us super busy, but it doesn’t always leave a lot of time for me (as selfish as I’m now realizing that sounds)…

So recently I totally found myself in a creative slump. Nothing was inspiring me and I would walk by my camera every day and I just could not will myself to pick it up. Now obviously I’m completely attributing this slump to being a mom with small kids… Let’s be totally honest, it’s because kids are super easy to blame. For anything. If you doubt me, try it, it’s kind of fun! lol. I’m joking, I’m jokiing… Mostly… But anyway, this slump went on for a couple months until finally one day I realized that I had to be the one to change it. My family LOVES Lindsey Stirling and she has this amazing song called “The Upside”. I was listening to it (on repeat because yes it’s that good) and I started to pay more attention to the lyrics:

“Holding on and I'm upside down
On my way to the upside now
I'm on my way, on my way out
I don't know if I'm right side up
I'm inside out but I won't give up
On my way, I'm on my way

To the upside now”

Lindsey Stirling -The Upside

I realized that even if I felt like my creativity and drive for photography were “upside down” that I needed to move forward. Even if I didn’t have a clue as to which way forward was, I needed to at least move. If I wasn’t actively pursuing my photography, nothing was going to change. I would continue to daily walk by my camera and pass up the chance to capture life -Life in all of it’s crazy, messy, sometimes mundane glory-Life that looks a lot the same on a daily basis. So I’ve decided to search for the beauty in the mundane, to search for the fun in our everyday moments and I’m challenging myself to break the slump and move forward into the “Upside”. :-)