Apple Hill

One of my very favorite fall traditions is our annual trek to Apple Hill. We drive for about 2 hours (which with a 3 year old and 1 year old is an adventure in itself) and the proceed to completely and totally stuff ourselves with every apple creation known to man. Seriously, this year we had apple donuts and apple milkshakes which were legit. Like, I can’t visit there more than once a year because I don’t want to become addicted legit.

We also love to pick apples and this year I found my new favorite u-pick orchard, Goyette’s Ranch. It’s amazing and they have so many different types of apples. We ended filling a huge box and my kitchen is currently covered in apples and pie making equipment. I’m freezing them for future dinner parties and who knows what else. I’m also hiding all the pies at the back of the freezer so it’s harder for me to find them when I’m in a sweets mood. Apple pie may be one of my serious weaknesses…

Anyway, the trip was so fun! It’s never perfect, 4 hours round-trip in a car with small children can be brutal, and as much as I would love to say that I have perfect children who don’t whine, cry, or have giant sugar crashes because their parents pumped them full of sugar… I don’t. Let’s be honest, those kids are far from mine… But the joy on my kids faces while tromping through orchards, pretending the picking sticks are swords and the trees are monsters, getting super muddy, and eating their weight in sweets and apples is totally worth it.

what’s your favorite fall tradition?