East Bay Family

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Man these two were a blast and so full of energy.  I think the shoot ended up being more of a fun play date for all of us.  They are the perfect blend of cute, wild, imaginative, hilarious and fun!


Road Trippin

Mood: Wanderlust

Music: Road Trippin' - Dan and Shay

I have a confession to make.  Even though I live an amazing life with an amazing family I'm still consumed by wanderlust at times...  Like a small part of me is missing when I'm not out in the woods or hiking in the mountains. Any of you feel the same?  Having grown-up-jobs and two littles (under 2 1/2) tends to make travel harder than it used to be when it was just me and J and I find myself dreaming of just getting out on the road, having no plan, and just seeing where the road takes me.  Nowadays we have to plan everything because Lord forbid we forget a favorite toy or binkie... but I'm hoping against hope that somehow I can raise my littles to be wanderers/adventurers. Lovers of nature and seekers of beauty.  Now to figure out how to do that while living in the burbs of the East Bay.  Anyone have any ideas?  If so please share!

Ooh la la - First Post on the new site!

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Music:  Ooh La La - The Well Pennies; Easy Things Hard - Matt Wertz

New Beginnings.  I'm fairly fickle when it comes to my current right brain interests.  I love starting projects and have so many ideas and paths to try and it's all very spitball and rapid fire fun, but once the initial allure and excitement wear off it’s hard to really feel inspired to finish. Honestly that's why this site has taken so long to come to fruition...  But I'm turning over a new leaf.  I'm unfickling my life - so to speak.  I'm officially re-branding and starting fresh the business (more posts on this to come soon).

So welcome to my new site and blog!  I'm super excited to share with you all.

SF East Bay Area Family Photography Selah Vie