Welcome to Selah Vie!  I'm so glad your here! My name is Emory and I'm the primary photographer at Selah Vie Photography.  I  shoot weddings and families in the San Francisco Bay Area.

 The name Selah Vie originally came about as a play on words.

  • C’est La Vie – French. Meaning: “that is life”
  • Selah – from the Psalms.  Meaning: “a pause” or “a breath” 

 I believe a photograph is just that:  a way to pause significant and defining moments in our lives.  Moments that we can look back on; sometimes with laughter, humor or love, and even sometimes with bittersweet sadness... That is life.

Selah Vie - Pause Life 


Wife, Mom of 2, Engineer, Lover of all things chocolate, tomboy, total nerd, former ski-bum, self proclaimed granola, Jesus Freak, and last but definitely not least, Photographer Extraordinaire.  My favorite word is "chill". (as in "dude, come chill with me").

Music is my jam.  ha seriously.  I believe everyone should have a playlist to their life.  I can't sing a lick and I play the guitar about as well as Phoebe Buffet but in my car I'm a total rock star. I compensate for my lack of musical talents by obsessively creating playlists for every mood and occasion.  Seriously send me a message and I'll send you my current music obsession.

I'm not a fan of posing pictures.  I want you to be you in the moments I capture.  I will set up the picture and I may truthfully tell you every now and then if the way you're standing looks weird, or what to do with your hands if you take after Ricky Bobby, but other than that you get to just be you.

 I want my images to tell your story at that particular moment in time.  Because regardless of who you are, what you look like, or what season of life you're currently in, YOU MATTER.